Hamburg Airport and the G20 summit on 7/8 July 2017

Due to the size of the event, all passengers are recommended to plan more time than usual for arriving at the airport between 06.07.2017 to 09.07.2017. We recommend to use the public transport instead of private hires/cars to avoid any considerable delay.

Adineh Travel GbR and IranAir wish you a good flight.

Spring offer

Dear Customers,

The spring is coming and we will be celebrating the Persian new year (Nowruz). You can now benefit from our great spring offer for travel to Iran as following:

All tickets in Economy- E/Class, sold between 10.03.2017 and 19.04.2017 for travel to Iran from Frankfurt, Hamburg and Cologne, when the journey takes place between 20.04.2017 and 20.06.2017 is now on offer for only 270 € + Tax

We wish you all a very happy new year,
Adineh Travel Team

Iran Air is upgrading its fleet

Iran Air is expecting to add two new Airbus 330 / Model Neo by mid-March to its fleet. The first Airbus 330 will be handed over to Iran Air on 23.02.2017 and will cover the Frankfurt-Teheran route. Neo is the latest Airbus 330 model, which was launched in 2015. The aircraft is able to fly 400 passengers over 12,000 km range. You can now book your Norooz vacation to Iran with our new aircraft Airbus 330.

Special offer

In February 2017, Adineh Travel will celebrate the first anniversary of its successful collaboration with IranAir.
We would like to celebrate this success with you, so we are announcing our special price offer for our customers starting from today.
Our special offer applies to all IranAir Economy Class flights from Frankfurt, Hamburg or Cologne to Iran, departing on any date between 01.01.2017 and 15.03.2017 and when booking a return flight within 3 months of your departure date.
This offer is only valid until 01.03.2017
Price: 199€ + TAX (This offer includes 30kg baggage allowance)

Change of flight timetable

The amended timetbale for IranAir flights between 31.10.2016 and 20.03.2017 is as follows:


Flight IR720/JCI Departing from Frankfurt at 12:20, arriving in Tehran at 20:10
Flight IR721/JCI Departing from Tehran at 07:15, arriving in Frankfurt at 10:30


Flight IR728/JCI Departing from Cologne at 14:00, arriving in Tehran at 21:45
Flight IR729/JCI Departing from Tehran at 09:00, arriving in Cologne at 12:20


Flight IR722/JCI Departing from Hamburg at 13:25, arriving in Tehran at 21:10
Flight IR723/JCI Departing from Tehran at 08:30, arriving in Hamburg at 11:45

New price for excess baggage in 2017

Route: Frankfurt / Cologne / Hamburg - Theran

Price / 10 kg of excess baggage: 75 €


- Applicable to all individual and group rates (all classes tariffs) for outbound flights only in Iran, limited to the "IR" flight networks for children and adults.

- The possibility of excess baggage of 10 kg to register is possible (with the purchase of IranAir tickets) and up to one day before the departure date several times a year.

Free 10 kg of luggage for passengers (Adult & Child)

Iran Air prolongs the action free 10 kg of luggage for passengers (Adult & Child) in all class (Except G class), who bought and issued their tickets from Europe to Iran and the arrival takes place between 01.01.2017 and 31.12.2017.