General Procedures and Guidelines

Adult passengers (passengers over 12 years)
Children (2 to 12 years)
infants (under 2 years )
passengers with limited access, special needs and unaccompanied children.
Yes, for babies up to 2 years (Infant) ticket, with prices 10% without the right to reserve seats and for children 2 to 12 years old (Child) tickets with prices 50 percent on domestic flights and 75 percent on international flights with the right to reserve seats should be be purchased.
In case of paper tickets, you should inform the local IranAir representative but this rule does not apply for e-Tickets.
In case of delays more than two hours or flight cancelation, passengers can contact our official representatives.
Yes, according to flight safety regulations, passengers can only carry a baby on his/her feet. It is necessary to purchase additional seat for the second child. In such circumstances IranAir provides tickets at 50% discount offers.
When carrying bulky or sensitive equipment like musical instruments, valuables such as gold or for comfort reasons an extra seat can be purchase at full price
Special allocated booth during check-in
Free access to Homa restaurants at selected airports
Receive priority baggage at destination
Extra Excess Baggage
In flight food and beverage options

Reissuance and Refund for Domestic Tickets

If the ticket is not purchased via internet:
Regulations governing the costs of change, refund, and NO SHOW: Fare classes Y, H, V, J: Any change and/or refund is possible from the time of issue of the ticket until 12 at noon on the day before the flight deducting 20% from the pertinent flight coupon rate and after 12 at noon on the day before the flight deducting 40% from the pertinent flight coupon rate. Fare classes M, Q, O, C: Any change and/or refund is possible from the time of issue of the ticket until 12 at noon on the day before the flight deducting 30% from the pertinent flight coupon rate and after 12 at noon on the day before the flight deducting 60% from the pertinent flight coupon rate.

If the ticket is purchased via Internet: It is refundable till 24 hours prior to the departure. In this case,50,000 IRR will be deducted per sector and the rest will be credited to the passenger’s electronic bank account. From 24 hours till 3 hours prior to the departure, 30% will be deducted. The rest will be credited to the passenger’s electronic bank account. From three hours prior to the departure, the ticket is non-refundable and the passenger will not receive any amount.
Passengers can buy their domestic tickets either through E-Booking by visiting http://ebooking.iranair.com or through IranAir Offices or travel agencies.

Reissuance and Refund for International Tickets

Senior Iranian citizens (over the age of 60) and Iranian students studying abroad can receive discounts for their tickets if they notify their travel agents when purchasing tickets. IranAir also gives fare discounts of 25% for international flights for children aged 2-12 and fare discounts of 90 % for infants under the age of 2 with no seat occupation.
According to IranAir procedures and guidelines, No Show refers to the case in which a passenger does not show up for the flight or cancels the ticket within 24 hours before the flight. In such circumstances, the passenger will pay a No-Show fee for re-booking. But if s/he asks for refund, both No-Show fee and refund charges will be collected.
Conditions for cancellation/No-Show
In order to avoid No-Show fee, seat reservation cancellation is recommended more than 24 hours prior to flight departure. In this case please visit related sale agencies / IranAir Sales Offices; noting that No-Show charges include all IranAir international flights with different booking classes.

Are there any charges for the date change in international flights? Yes. However for various ticket fares, the conditions and charges are different.

Ticket Refund
If a passenger does not show up for the flight, or cancels the ticket within 24 hours to the flight departure, the passenger should pay charges for both No-Show and refund. But in case of cancellation for more than 24 hours prior to flight departure, only refund charge is collected regarding flight classes.
Tickets issued in Iran are only refundable in Iran. Tickets issued abroad, are refundable both in Iran and in the issuing country.
For partially used tickets, refund will be calculated based on flied coupons (OW/RT).
Passengers can purchase One-Way tickets if they hold residency permit or long term visa validity in their passports. One-Way tickets in Economy Classes including subclasses Y/V and Business Classes including subclasses C/J can be purchased by such passengers.
Passengers can purchase their international tickets through IranAir Sales Offices or travel agencies. IranAir Call Center can book the seats for the passengers as well; they get a reservation code (PNR Reference) from Call Center. It is highly recommended to visit IranAir Central Sales Offices within a given time limit for ticket issuance.
IranAir's compartments are defined based on different variables which differ by conditions and services. These compartments are offered in two main classes: Business Class (Homa Class) including subclasses J/C/I, and Economy Class including subclasses Y/V/Q/M/N/L. The validation date for J/C/Y/V is one year, for subclasses Q/I is three months, for subclass M is two months, and for subclasses N/L is one month. The Business Class fare is higher and special services are offered.
In Economy subclasses of L/M/N, issuance of round trip tickets should be confirmed (OK) in both directions.

Air Travel Restrictions

First-Time Pregnancy:
For less than two-hour flights: up to the end of 32nd week, the pregnant women need a valid document signed and sealed by IranAir trusted physicians (the age of the mother, and the expected time of delivery should be written on the document).
For more than two-hour flights: up to the end of 28th week, mothers need a valid document signed and sealed by IranAir trusted physicians (the age of the mother, and the expected time of delivery should be written on the document).
From 29th week up to the end of 34th week medical clearance from IranAir trusted physicians is required.

Second-Time Pregnancy:
Up to the end of 28th week, mothers require a valid document signed and sealed by IranAir trusted physicians (the age of the mother, and the expected time of delivery should be written on the document). From 29th week up to the end of 34th week medical clearance is required from IranAir trusted physicians. From the commencement of 35th week, air travel is prohibited.
Passengers who cannot move without any help and need wheelchairs, should be accompanied by a personal care attendant. Cabin crews are not allowed to offer any special services to such passengers. If they travel as a group, one attendant should accompany every two disabled passengers.
All those passengers have been under surgeries can fly with IranAir, two week after surgeries subject to the following considerations;Normal appearance without requirement for special services and unpleasant smell.
Such passengers are accepted after 24 hours of surgery subject to not having active bleeding and pain and no requirement to additional services during flight.
Passengers without obstruction in breathing and nasal dressing (tampons) are accepted for flying.
These kinds of passengers are accepted if they have normal appearance without unpleasant smell and need for medical assistance during the flight.
Premature babies (Incubator Cases) will be considered as MEDA case and medical clearance is required from IranAir Medical Center or trusted physician.
There is no flight restriction if the passengers can use the aircraft normal seats after 72 hours of surgery.
If a limited access / disabled passenger can move within the plane cabin, use the plane's toilet and can take care of themselves without help of cabin crew is permitted to fly. We highly advise that cabin crew are not responsible for taking special care of such passengers.
They are accepted if they are under the age of 60 with no need to oxygen and stretcher.
Passengers who have been under hair or skin beauty, cheek or eyebrow surgeries or skin lasers are accepted on IR flights if they do not require medical assistance or special services during the flights.
Passengers under the age of 40 do not require medical clearance, but for Passengers above 40, special permission must be obtained from IranAir Medical Center.
The blind are considered as disabled passengers and there is no restriction for acceptance of them.
Stretchers will be accepted in IranAir flights subject to approval of IranAir appointed physicians and availability of space in the aircraft; s/he also should be accompanied by a personal care attendant whose medical ability should be confirmed by IranAir appointed physician.
Asthmatic passengers are accepted without IR Medical Center clearance. However, if oxygen is required, cabin crew should be informed.
Infants between 7 days to 2 years are accepted with an adult passenger. In case of necessity of travel for Infants less than 7 days old, such as baby or mother’s sicknesses, permission of IranAir appointed physician is requested.
Such Passengers are accepted with no restrictions, if they do not need any special assistance or medical care.
Such Passengers are accepted with no restrictions, if they do not have bleeding or pain.
Yes, while booking their tickets they are obliged to inform the airline about their limited access / disability
No, according to IranAir regulations, it is forbidden to carry oxygen tanks on board. In case, one needs oxygen during the flight, s/he should inform IranAir Sales Offices when buying the ticket and after getting the medical clearance from IranAir appointed physician.

At Airport

For international flights, it is recommended to refer to the check-in desk 3 hours prior to the departure time. For domestic flights this duration is 1:30 hour.
For domestic flights 25 minutes and for international flights 60 minutes prior to the departure time.
Depending on the route, baggage allowance may be calculated by piece or weight. On routes to USA or Canada, baggage allowance will be calculated by piece. For all other routes, baggage will be calculated by weight,The baggage allowances vary depending on the class of travel, for example the passenger holding a Homa class ticket or Sky Gift card (golden or silver) will receive additional free baggage allowance. For more information, refer to your ticket or talk to related travel agency.
Cabin baggage must be suitable for placing in the closed overhead rack and must not exceed dimensions of 56 cm (length),45 cm (width),25 cm (depth).(noting that the sum of the three dimensions should not exceed 115 cm and the maximum weight should be less than 5 kg for economy class and 7 kg for HOMA class. Each passenger is permitted to carry only one unchecked baggage.
Dangerous goods are those items or substances that may cause health and safety hazards to the passengers or potentially damage the aircraft. Transportation of such goods is primarily regulated by ICAO and IATA. Goods under the category of Dangerous Goods are not allowed in passenger baggage or cabin baggage.
According to IranAir procedures, live animals are not allowed to be carried in the cabin of IranAir aircraft.Animals can only be accepted in the aircraft hold, under IATA live animal regulations. In addition, governmental regulations applicable in the place of origin, transit and destination should be considered as well. For more information please contact IranAir Offices.
Yes, Passengers have to carry valid identification cards, passports, national cards, or driving licenses on domestic flights.
Personal or valuable items, money, jewelry and documents.

During Flight

Frozen packages of meat or vegetables, oily materials, acidic materials such as lime juice and dates, honey, jam are not allowed to be carried to the cabin.
No, all kinds of fragile dishes and sharp pointed instruments are not allowed to be carried to the cabin. Lotions and beauty creams which exceed 100 ml are not allowed to the cabin either.
Yes, if the baggage weight does not exceed 75 kg and its dimension is not more than the seat back rest, they are allowed to carry them. The passenger must pay for an extra seat for his/her baggage. Maximum number of seats a passenger may purchase is three.
No, IranAir performs non-smoking flights.
Food services, beverages, entertainment, journals and magazines.
Oily meals, coke or other carbonated beverages, fried or flatulent meals should be avoided before the flights. Vegetables such as carrot and nuts are recommended to eat. Furthermore, with a good rest before the flight you can enjoy more.
Some passengers may require special meals during the flight. So, if requested by passengers, special meals will be served just on international flights as following; Special meals based on physicians’ prescribed diets (such as diabetic, low cholesterol, low salt food, etc.), for passengers with religious beliefs (such as Hindu food), for vegetarian inclinations (such as Asian vegetarians, absolute vegetarians’ diets) or other special dishes (such as babies and kids meal, or seafood).
Special meals are only served on IR international routes. Passengers should request related travel agencies to make necessary arrangements according to the list of available foods.
Yes, for example, in order to provide more energy, meals with higher amount of sugar are served in the mornings. A combination of protein and sugar is offered during the noon flights and in the evenings more fiber and protein are usually served.
Feedback Forms can be requested from flight attendants.


Yes, IranAir carries cargo on passenger and cargo flights to the most popular international destinations.
In order to carry cargos, the shipper must be quite aware of the customs formalities of the origin to obtain required export certificate and destination country's for consignment clearance. To carry domestic cargos, the shipper must know whether it is possible to use air cargo services in the given airline routes.
No, the term of Air cargo carriage is different to land or sea. Regarding cargo nature, weight, volume, aircraft type and flight route, the cargo with limited weight can be transported at different rates or cannot be transported at all.
The nature, weight, and volume of the cargo as well as the flight route and the extra services can affect cargo charges.
The prospective client should contact one of IranAir Cargo Sales Offices or agents in Iran or abroad, or one of the air cargo transportation companies which are official agents of IranAir.
Yes, in case of forwarded normal cargos at destination of Iran it is possible with special discounts.
Yes, to do so passenger should contact IranAir Cargo Reservation Departments or one of the IranAir Sales Offices or agencies in Iran or abroad or one of the cargo transportation companies which are official agents of IranAir.
Yes, shippers can contact IranAir Cargo Sales Offices to obtain information about contracts with special conditions and fares.
Yes, it is generally possible to send cargo via cargo aircraft, upon shipper's request and agreement on fares and other conditions.
IranAir Cargo insurance covers up to 20 US dollars per kilogram.
Yes, IranAir carries human remains. There are some legal and official formalities that should be considered. For more information, passengers should contact IranAir Cargo Offices.
To obtain more information on IR cargo terms and conditions, shippers can contact IranAir Sales Offices.